Kind Words from Our Clients

Testimonial from one of Sarah's labor clients:

"When we found out we were pregnant, I never thought we would have a Doula in the room with us for delivery.  But after having delivered our first baby using Sarah from Austin Doula Collective, I can't imagine having it any other way... I ended up having to get induced for medical reasons but with Sarah's help, as well as my husband, we were able to limit the medical interventions so we could still have a natural childbirth without additional drugs or interventions.  Sarah helped us get through the long (almost 24 hours) process before our beautiful baby boy joined us.  She was helpful in not only taking the lead on things from finding nurses to offering honey sticks but she also helped support my husband and give him suggestions on things to try with me to get me through the process.  Ultimately, she wanted what was best for me to be as comfortable and pain-free as possible, and felt I could trust her with anything. In the end, it felt like we gained a good friend that was there to experience that magical day with us.  She was such a great support for us and helped us get the birth we wanted, even with the induction."

Testimonial from one of Yvonne's postpartum clients: 

Yvonne acted as a full-time doula to our family for six weeks, and it was the best decision we could have made.  She played many roles, whether it was helping me (mom) to get some rest when I was having nursing troubles, playing with the bigger kids when I wanted some quality time with the baby, or providing safe and loving care for our newborn when I needed to get out of the house with the bigger kids.  She celebrated two birthdays with our family and had some great ideas on getting our new house organized, and also made some fabulous meals, which any nursing mom appreciates!  I highly recommend her to any family as a postpartum doula.

Testimonial from a labor and delivery nurse about Yvonne's presence at a birth: 

Yvonne was present and caring throughout the arduous labor and delivery process! We were so happy she was here to help.

Testimonial from one of Morgan's labor clients: 

"Morgan is calm, soothing, sincere and supportive. She reads your body language and follows your lead. In the course of my labor and delivery she slept on our floor, got my puke on her face, let me squeeze her hands through many, many contractions and when things got scary and medical intervention was necessary, she sat by my side and comforted me. As cliche as it is, her presence was priceless."