Mama Village

We believe that it takes a village to fully nurture and support a family. Our goal is to help mamas create their own village by offering regular mama meet ups and sharing great local resources for mamas and their families.

Monthly Mama Meetups

Our clients will be invited to grow their mama community through our Monthly Mama Meetups held in central Austin locations.


Birthing Classes

Complete Childbirth Class with Lanell Coultas


Iris Reza Bailey, LMT 

Lacreshia Laningham, LMT, CNP

Belly Love Massage 


In Home - Janixa Ramos

Yoga Yoga

Lactation Consultant

Kristine Kovach

Dawn Martin, IBCLC, RLC

Birth and Family Photography

Shelley Moon Photography

Megan Peters Photography

Placenta Encapsulation

Bella Belly

Mama Peace

Hill Country Placentas

Sleep Consultant

Strong Little Sleepers


True Nature Clinic

Sage Acupuncture

Tao Health Clinic


InnerSun Chiropractic

Craniosacral Therapy

Nina Davis

Manual Therapy and Chinese Medicine

Tao Health Clinic