Janixa Ramos CD(DTI) - Contact Janixa

As a doula, Janixa's believes it is imperative to give women information to help empower them during pregnancy, labor and parenting. She feels this helps women make informed decisions. Janixa offers new families unconditional support through the path into motherhood, providing physical and emotional care for the family, offering nonjudgmental support and an open and caring ear toward any and all concerns.

Janixa decided to become a doula because she believes it is the most amazing stage in a woman’s life.  She believes all women deserve to experience birth and labor in a way that feels right to them. 

Janixa completed her training as a doula with DTI (Doula Training International).  In addition, she is certified by the "RYS 200 Yoga Alliance" as a Yoga teacher and she is also bilingual (Spanish and English).

Sarah Stasica CD(DTI)- Contact Sarah


Sarah was drawn to doula work because of her passion for the birth of a baby as well as the birth of a family. She knows that women are strong and loves to help women connect with that strength in labor and early parenting. Sarah is a mama of two little ones and wife of a really awesome, supportive husband. She loves her family, pregnant mamas (don't be surprised if she chats you up at the grocery store), babies, running, yoga and trying all the awesome restaurants/coffee shops/food trucks Austin has to offer!

Sarah is trained as a labor and postpartum doula through Doula Training International (DTI). She is also Rebozo certified and has done training in acupressure for natural pain relief during labor. 


Yvonne Keyrouz CD(DTI) - Contact Yvonne

Yvonne developed a passion for supporting women at a young age and has been working with mamas and newborns for many years. As the second oldest in a large, Lebanese household she finds so much joy in working with families to develop smooth running routines to make their home a happy, healthy, nurturing space.

Yvonne's fascination and admiration for the strength of women led to her to birth support, which is a joyous, humbling, and fulfilling space in her life. Yvonne offers assistance to women during pregnancy, labor, and early parenting, providing holistic support through physical and emotional care. She believes that women are powerfully full of intuitive knowledge and is passionate that all women should have ownership of their birth process. 

Yvonne is certified as a labor and postpartum doula through Doula Trainings International (DTI) and received her bachelor’s degree in Dance Studies from Texas Woman’s University. When she is not working, Yvonn'e life is filled with dancing, painting and sincere attempts in gardening.

Morgan Miles CD(DONA) - Contact Morgan 

Morgan Miles is a DONA International trained doula since 2012. She is a University of Texas at Austin graduate with a degree and license in Social Work. Morgan believes that a positive birth experience can lead to feeling empowered as a mother/father/community member/citizen of the world. She will come alongside you and support you in all of your decisions. Her experience working with LifeWorks, GALS and survivors of trauma, provides her with the knowledge to fully engage with all women of diverse backgrounds. Morgan, Sarah and Janixa are back up doulas for each other, which provides mothers with the east that in case of extreme circumstances, a loving woman will still be present at the birth.