Janixa Ramos

As a doula, Janixa's believes it is imperative to give women information to help empower them during pregnancy and labor. She feels this is how a woman will be able to make informed decisions. Janixa decided to become a doula because she believes it is the most amazing stage in a woman’s life.  She believes all women deserve to experience birth and labor in a way that feels right to them. 

Janixa completed her training as a doula with DTI (Doula Training International).  In addition, she is certified by the "RYS 200 Yoga Alliance" as a Yoga teacher and she is also bilingual (Spanish and English).

Contact Janixa at atabeydoula at gmail dot com




Meredith Steiner

Meredith has attended over fifteen births as a doula in a variety of birth settings. She brings her background in massage therapy to her birth work which has tremendous benefits in helping women relax more fully into their labors. Contact Meredith at meredithsteiner at hotmail dot com


Sarah Stasica



Sarah was drawn to doula work because of her passion for labor and birth. She knows that women are strong and loves to help women connect with that strength in labor and early parenting. Sarah did her labor and postpartum doula training through Doula Training International (DTI). Contact Sarah at sarahstasica at gmail dot com.